Monday, 28 May 2018

Subject Contents for June-September 2018

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Scheme of Work
1. Digital Marketing
2. Organisational Behaviour


Digital Marketing
1. The Digital Environments
2. Opportunities of Digital Marketing
3. Challenges and Impacts of Digital Marketing
4. Digital tools, platforms and channels
5. Creating an Online Pay Per Click Campaign

Organisational Behavior
1. Introduction to Organisational Behavior 
2. Attitudes and Job Satisfaction
3. Emotions and Moods
4. Personality
5. Values
6. Perceptions
7. Learning
8. Individual vs Group Decision Making
9. Motivation Concepts
10. Group and Intergroup
11. Leadership
12. Power and Politics
13. Organisational Culture
14. Organisational Changes


Digital Marketing
1. Whole Assignment
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Organisational Behavior
1. Assignment 1
2. Assignment 2


1. Digital Marketing
2. Organisational Behavior

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  1. Whenever I see the word 'organisation' in the business context, it reminds me of dynamics for operations. It's terrific.


Subject Contents for October - December 2018

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